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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is the vehicle that drives learning.   We endeavour to promote a love of learning through a rich, engaging and ambitious curriculum which is personalised to the needs and interests of our children.  An engaging curriculum should have secret doors in familiar worlds which children did not know existed.  We aim to ensure that our curriculum is:

  • Well designed, connected and sequenced.  Key knowledge and skills are identified and progressive.
  • Remembered.  By ensuring planning is interleaved and spaced there are deliberate opportunities to re-learn and make connections with what is already known.  Retrieval tasks are purposefully planned to aid knowledge retention.
  • Provides curriculum equity.  The curriculum is relevant, offers experiences that children may not otherwise benefit from, allowing for a developing cultural capital.

The ‘curriculum matters, as it defines the knowledge and experiences that learners will receive beyond their home environment’ (Biesta, 2009).  Education is the key to transforming life chances; we support every member of our community to think about their thinking and be a part of shaping their success.

Almost half of our school community are disadvanatged, therefore it is vital that our curriculum powerfully addresses social disadvantage.  We plan to ensure children learn as much as possible through real life or imaginary hooks and experiences these include; Arundel Castle, Gosport Search Museum, Fort Nelson World War 2 experience, Space Planaterium, Winter and Summer Safety days, Whole school Present buying day, trips to the local Baptist church, Weald and Downland Museum, Marwell Zoo, Dress up days, Mexian Restaurant, Shakesphere at the theatre, Year 5 camp, Year 6 residential, local field trips, regular visits from Open Box Theatre group,  Chichester Harbour, Porchester Castle, local river walk, Portsmouth Dockyard and even a visit from an 8ft dinosaur!

For a deeper understanding of our school curriculum’s intent, implementation and impact please click here:NHP Curriculum Policy

Here is our long term topic overview:Primary LTP curriculum 2021-22

Subject leaders personalise the curriculum through Depth of Knowledge plans (DOK).  Plans develop an enquiry approach and allow children to deepen their understanding of identified main concepts and skills.  DOK plans are progressive and allow for planned retrieval tasks as well as knowledge, skills and language development. Here is an example: Year 4- Romans DOK