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At New Horizons Primary School it is our intent to ensure we promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping children with a strong command of the spoken and written word. Our intent will enable children to write independently and creatively for a variety of audiences and purposes across the curriculum.

We teach writing using the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, employing the three stages of imitation, innovation and invention. This approach enables children to imitate the key language that they need for a particular topic orally before they analyse the text. Once they have been immersed in the text the teacher plays a crucial role in modelling the writing process to show the children how to craft their own writing. At this innovation stage the process of planning, writing and feedback supports the writer in knowing their next steps to improve their writing. The final stage is the invention stage where the children use all the skills they have been taught to write in that genre using their own context. This is where the children can be creative and have the freedom to draw upon their own ideas and experiences.