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Welcome to Science at New Horizons Primary School!

At New Horizons, it is our intent that Science will stimulate and excite the natural curiosity of our pupils and the enjoyment of discovery. We aim to equip our pupils with the knowledge needed to understand the use and implication of Science in the past, present and future. This includes discussing and questioning those elements which effect their own lives. We also intend to provide opportunities to develop pupils’ enquiry skills to support their understanding.

Principles and Vision

We ensure that every child experiences the 5 types of Scientific enquiry: observing over time, pattern seeking, researching, fair testing and identifying and classifying. Take a look at some of our enquiries in action below…


Science in Action


PSQM-We have recently embarked on an exciting journey to support out Science teaching and learning by undertaking the PSQM award (see Watch this space to preview our portfolio-the results will be in soon.

Finally, well done to each and every one of you for trying your best with all your work during lockdown. Below is a link to Reachout Reporter, where there are different Science news stories each week. Have a peek and see what you think.