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School Uniform

Children are expected to wear school uniform as it helps to develop a sense of pride and community.  Our uniform is a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with a grey skirt or trousers and a white shirt or polo top.  There are a number of other items of school clothing available for example a fleece and a coat.  Children are encouraged to wear uniform displaying our logo, although this is not a requirement.  Please ensure your child also wears sensible shoes.  School uniform can be ordered online from Goodies, please click on the link below:

Please make sure that everything your child wears to school is marked with his/her name. This way garments are easier to trace if they go missing.

Physical Education

Your child will need a PE bag and a pair of well fitted pumps, preferably elastic fronted. Children need a plain T-shirt and a pair of shorts, our school colours are a white T-shirt and black for shorts, these should not be too baggy or have any parts which might catch on the equipment.  PE kits and bags can bought from Goodies (please see the link above)  PE kits should be brought into school on the first day of each half term.  Teachers will send them home at the end of each half term to be washed.


Jewellery should not be worn at school due to the risk of loss or damage.  The only items of jewellery that may be worn in school are medical alert necklaces/bracelets and small stud earrings/close fitting sleepers.  Please try and remember to remove earrings before your child comes into school on PE days otherwise they will be taped over in accordance with Health and Safety guidance.